Occupational Health Safety

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Refractory Installations Australia strives to create conditions in which the personal goals and aspirations of our employees are matched to the goals of the business. We accept responsibility for the welfare of all our fellow employees, as well as the property, and reputation of the company, our clients and their employees and property.

It is the company's policy to promote the highest standards of safety, and the elimination of injury, loss or damage by:

Refractory Services
  • Making safety an essential and integral part of management accountability.
  • Having every employee accept their own safety as an individual responsibility and prerequisite in planning of all activities and projects.
  • Carrying out appropriate education and training in safety as part of our training programme.
  • Using teamwork and critique for problem identification and performance improvement.

Refractory Installations Australia intends to meet these commitments by ensuring that safe work practices and procedures are adopted by all employees of the company.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is the most important aspect of any project undertaken by Refractory Installations Australia.

In response to client mandate, we recognise the importance of quality assurance practices to ensure guaranteed installation procedures.

R.I.A. approaches each project with the view that the traceability and accountability of refractory materials placed in our clients' processes is of the utmost importance.

Refractory Services

Prime importance is given to the installation of all refractory materials from all manufacturers. Refractory Installations Australia has an undertaking with all manufacturers whose materials we use, ensuring they will be installed to the highest industry standards.

Constant record keeping plays an important part of our Q.A. system. Specific documentation for each client and their site requirements is generated after the consultation with the client for their specific requirements.